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Meet The Team


Owner | Designer


My name is Sharon Fleurissaint and I’m the owner and designer behind Pretty Petal Papers. I have always had a major passion for art. My favorite medium is watercolor and line drawing. Painting and drawing brings me to my sweet, happy place. I enjoy creating custom art/design to bring new ideas to life. I’m excited to share my art with the world. Thank you for stopping by and I truly hope you find some pieces of art you LOVE!


CEO | Strategist



My name is John Fleurissaint and I’m the CEO and strategist behind Pretty Petal Papers. I am a business enthusiast and positive thinker. I believe that a strong entrepreneur mindset paired with taking action leads to a successful business. I seek to understand the mindset of other successful entrepreneurs and enjoy adopting their attitude. I love people. I love understanding people, marketing and believe in teamwork. 


Web Developer | Digital Marketer


Hi there! My name is Pierre Markens Edmond. You can call me Mark. The responsibility to make this website work smoothly and to give you the best experience shopping online lays on my shoulders.

I am passionate about three things:

  1. Web, because it eases operations in the business.
  2. Digital Marketing, because targeting potential customers and analyzing data can be centralized.
  3. God, because he is the beginning and the end. He is the only one who can give true peace.